Favorite Design Trends of 2020

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Becki Owens

Every year there are tons of new interior design trends that pop up. Some have been around for a few years but needed time to take hold, and others fly onto the design scene and endure for years to come. We have highlighted 6 of our favorite design trends of 2020 and why we think they are so special.

1. The Marble Ledge

Nothing has made a bigger statement this year than this small detail. Instead of rows of open shelves, we are seeing a more restrained look with a single ledge that runs the length of the backsplash or behind a cooktop.

Designer Tip: Do not use quartz for this feature if using behind a cooktop. It can scorch and discolor over time. Marble is a better option.


Kelsey Leigh Design Co.


Marie Flanigan Interiors


Ursino Interiors

2. Rustic Materials

Another design trend we are seeing is the addition of rustic materials used in the interior of a home. As a result, 2020 has brought an influx of finishes created specifically for interior use with a handmade, earthy quality.

Design Tip: After years of the big, white modern farmhouse, we are seeing a move towards incorporating materials with a less-than-perfect feel, finishes that create character and patina. When incorporating rustic materials into your design, think about the big picture. Consider how one room will flow into the next and what you want the overall concept to be.


Modern Nest


Whittney Parkinson Design


Amber Interior Design


Studio Mcgee


Cle’ Tile

3. Two-Tone Cabinets

The third design trend is tow-tone cabinets. We’ve been seeing this trend for years with the island being a different color/ material than the perimeter cabinets. However, there seems to be more variety in how we are visualizing and putting together our cabinet plans. Not only are we seeing top cabinets and base cabinets differ in color and/or material but there is more of a shift to the interior cabinet being a different material than the face frame or even the use of three colors in one room, perimeter cabinets, island, and butler’s pantry.

Design Tip: Be sure to work with your designer/cabinet maker to ensure a cohesive result.


Becki Owens


Modern Nest Homes


Kate Marker Interiors


Oakstone Homes

4. Dark Countertops

Dark countertops have taken a back seat to bright white over the past few years. More recently we are seeing a resurgence of more earthy materials, including matte, dark countertops.

Design Tip: When considering dark countertops, shiny is out. Opt instead for matte marble, soapstone, or low maintenance quartz.


Haus Love Interiors


Studio McGee


Pure Salt Interiors


Kelsey Leigh Design Co.


Janie Molster



5. Neutral Earth Tones

Our next design trend is neutral earth tones. Neutral interiors are nothing new, but 2020 brought on earth tones like we haven’t seen in many years.

Design Tip: The move is away from cool grays to warmer tones such as sand and beige and warm gray.


Amber Interior Design


Eye For Pretty


Kate Marker Interiors


Katie Hodges Design

6. Wood, Wood and More Wood

Wood has taken over the design scene, especially lighter, more natural finishes. Look for wood on floors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and built-ins.

Design Tip: Mixing wood tones can add warmth and interest to your space. Consult with your design professional for the best outcome.


Kate Marker Interiors


Style by Emily Henderson


Modern Nest Homes


Pure Salt Interiors


Studio McGe

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