Interior Design

Mountainside Luxury is a full-service design team.   Over the past 15 years we have worked on a broad range of projects; from design/build to remodels and everything in between.   The majority of our projects were completed in California where Dina spent most of her adult life. She moved to Scottsdale over 3 years ago and began to grow her design team to focus on Desert projects.  

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” Good Design should be both functional and inspirational.  It should impact the way you feel each time you walk through the door.”

Kitchen Remodel

Real Estate

Dina and Laura are both licensed realtors with eXp Realty serving the Phoenix Metro Area.   Our Real Estate skills include working with first-time homebuyers. clients seeking high-end estates and golf course properties.  Communication is key and we pride ourselves in providing the best possible service and education to our clients.   

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Real estate, Interior Design

Absentee Homeowner Services

Mountainside Luxury is here to care for your home while you are away.  From preparing your home for an extended vacancy to weekly property checks  to getting your home ready to welcome you when you return, we are here to provide peace of mind. 

Our property checks are tailored to your needs and include inspecting, maintaining and/or repairing:

     – Appliance/electronics                                      – Interior/exterior lights

     – Roof Leaks                                                        –  Pool and spa

     – Weather damage                                              –  Security systems

     – Plumbing/run water                                        –  Smoke detectors

     – Hot water heaters                                            –  Car start/check

     – Pest infestation                                                –  Mail pick up

     – Windows and screens                                      … and much more!

     – Landscape irrigation 


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